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For the world to provide the most warm and happy home

China furniture industry annual leader brand (custom)

Jun hao business philosophy

Jun hao of the modelling of each product, process and lasting appeal has been cleverly combined together, the company since founded has always been to "only the high-quality goods furniture" for the purpose of the enterprise, in order to "carry forward the Chinese furniture culture essence" is the management idea.

Jun hao honorary certificate

In age in progress, industry development, the company's brand "poetry biya" was awarded the second 0 a 3 year guangdong furniture industry (solid) "the most valuable brands", "China top ten American innovation brand", "solid pack design gold award" and other honorary titles. "Foote hao shi" brand was awarded "famous trademarks of guangdong province", "guangdong famous brand product", "China top ten innovative brand furniture" honorary titles such as...

Jun hao give you unlimited space to choose the most suitable for their way of life. Today, as always, we will contain the value of the fusion in each product. This makes us different.


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  • Harbin marriott hotel

  • Quintiles hotel

  • Gagaku in marriott

  • Country garden lake

  • Foshan graffiti

  • Ancient Beauty Lottie

  • Foot Hao Shi

  • Carat town

  • Sally poem biya2


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  • JunHao is not only a furniture brand in China, it is a name of the antique furniture culture. Zhongshan city JunHao furniture co., LTD., integrating research...

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